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When traveling between Canada and the United States, it will be necessary to pass through Customs and Border Protection at the border.

  • arrowWhat’s the check-in and boarding process like?

    Boarding numbers are automatically assigned at the time that you pay for your reservation, but are not available until check-in. The earlier that you book your trip, the better your boarding number will be. Passengers may check-in and get their boarding passes as well as boarding number assignments up to 7 (seven) days before departure.This can be accomplished with our online check-in services or Seattle terminal 7 days/week between 6:30am and 8pm daily or the Victoria terminal between 8:30am and 5pm. Both terminals offer extended hours during the summer months. If you are traveling and can’t check-in in advance, don’t worry, you are guaranteed a seat on the boat, but we recommend arriving at least one hour before your boat’s departure and final boarding is 15 minutes before departure. If you are not on the boat 15 minutes before the boat is scheduled to leave, you forfeit your seat and your fare. Please call us at 800-888-2535 if you have any questions.

    On the day you travel, after you check-in, one of our agents will direct you to the waiting area where they will ask to see your ID and ask if you have any felonies, including DUI/DWIs, that could prevent entrance into Canada. In Seattle, boarding starts 45 minutes before your boat is scheduled to leave. Boarding group numbers will be announced and when yours is called, you will be free to board the vessel and choose your seat. Pre boarding is available on most departures for those that might need a little more time to settle in, such as families traveling with children under 3 and those with difficulty walking. Learn more about check-in and boarding.

  • arrowWhat kind of identification do I need to bring with me?

    For US and Canadian citizens, a Passport, Passport Card, Enhanced Driver License or an Enhanced ID Card (EDL/ID) is required to cross the US/Canadian border. If you are flying internationally on either end of your trip, keep in mind that you will need to bring your passport because a Passport Card or EDL/ID is not valid for air travel. More information on crossing the US/Canadian border.

    If parents are traveling with children under age 16 or infants, proof of citizenship is required for each child. This could be a Birth Certificate, Consular Report of Birth Abroad, Naturalization Certificate or Citizen Card. Also, if both birth parents are not traveling, you will need written authorization from parent/s or proof of custody or you may be denied entrance to Canada. More information on traveling with children.

  • arrowWhat could prevent me from getting into Canada?

    Felonies could prevent you from entering Canada. This means anything that’s considered a felony in Canada, even if it’s not a felony in the US (such as a DUI/DWI). Even though these may not be considered felonies in the United States, a DUI/DWI could result in being denied entrance into Canada. More information on crossing the US/Canadian border.

  • arrowDo you offer senior discounts?

    Yes, senior discounts are available for some of our tours for passengers age 65 or older.

  • arrowIs there parking near the terminals?

    Yes. In Seattle, the nearby Bell Street Pier garage offers parking for $10 per calendar day. You can obtain parking validation tickets from one of our agents in our Seattle or Victoria terminals or onboard the vessel.

    In Victoria, daily pay parking is available at the terminal and overnight pay parking is available at the Hotel Grand Pacific, which is about a block from the terminal.

    More information on directions and parking and transportation from the airport to the Victoria Clipper.

  • arrowWhere are the terminals located?

    In Seattle, the terminal is located on Alaskan Way at Pier 69. In Victoria, the terminal is located on Belleville Street about a block from the Hotel Grand Pacific.

    Directions from the North or South of Seattle:

    North of Seattle, get on I-5 South.

    South of Seattle or from Seatac Airport, get on I-5 North.

    From I-5, take exit 167 at Mercer Street and turn right at the light. Go one block and turn left onto Valley Street. Continue on Valley Street, which turns into Broad Street, until you reach the waterfront at Pier 70. Turn left onto Alaskan Way and continue for 1/2 block. The Victoria Clipper Terminal is on the water at Pier 69, between Pier 70 and the Edgewater Hotel.

    Directions from Downtown Seattle:

    Head toward the waterfront. Streets that go through are Madison Street and Broad Street. If you are on Madison, turn right (or North) on Alaskan Way. Continue for 1.5 miles. If you come down Broad St., turn left at the waterfront at Pier 70 and continue for 1/2 block. The Victoria Clipper Terminal is on the water at Pier 69, between Pier 70 and the Edgewater Hotel.

    Directions to Victoria terminal: The Victoria Clipper is located in Victoria’s Inner Harbour at 254 Belleville Street. Make your way downtown and head south on Government Street. Then turn onto Belleville Street.

    More information on directions and parking, including nearby parking lots and important traffic alerts.

  • arrowCan I take my car on the ferry?

    No. The Victoria Clipper vessels are all passenger-only ferries. However, you can park your car at nearby parking garages before boarding the Clipper (Bell St. Garage and Seattle Trade & Technology Center near the Seattle terminal, hourly parking at the Victoria Terminal or the Hotel Grand Pacific in Victoria). More information on directions and parking.

  • arrowCan I check a bag?

    Yes. You can check up to two bags-for free! After that, you can check up to two pieces of luggage for $10 per bag. Bags must weigh less than 50 pounds and may not exceed 36” L by 10” W x28” H. You can also carry on one small piece of luggage. More information on luggage, bikes and animals.

  • arrowAre food and beverages available on the boats or at the terminals? Can I bring food and beverages aboard?

    The Clipper Café, is conveniently located in the ticketing area at Pier 69, Seattle. Fresh roasted coffee as well as hot and cold breakfasts, soups, salads, sandwiches, etc. are available for eating in prior to departure or all items may be made to go if you would prefer to take with you to enjoy onboard. The Clipper Café is open daily, 6am – 3pm. On board the vessels, the Victoria Clipper Menu offers a variety of food and non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages available for purchase. You may also bring other food onboard, but no outside alcohol may be consumed onboard. Onboard the Victoria Clipper, purchases may be made with Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover Card. We do not accept cash, checks or debit cards requiring a PIN.

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