50 Things to do in Victoria this Summer

After a gray and somewhat soggy spring, suffice it to say that summer could not come sooner. And while Northwest natives have come to accept the fact that the sun doesn’t truly show up until well into the season, it’s those brilliant blues skies and peaks upon peaks filling the horizon that make it all worth the wait.

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50 Things to Do in Seattle this Summer

With summer nearly upon us, it’s time to slap on the sunblock and hit the town in search of new…

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This Is The Northwest – A Clipper Vacations Film

For the past 20 years, San Juan Clipper Capt. Jason Mihok has spent his summers exploring the Salish Sea and exposing locals and tourists alike to…

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25 ways to see Victoria, BC without a car

25 Ways to Explore Victoria, BC Without a Car

Stop-and-go, gridlocks, jams and snarl-ups. These are all things city dwellers face daily. Not so in Victoria, BC! Between its walkable city core and…

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An elaborate coffin at the Royal BC Museum's Egypt Exhibit

7 Reasons to Experience the Royal BC Museum’s Egypt Exhibit

Simply incredible. These are the words that pop to mind as I stare down four massive columns, inscribed from top to bottom with rows of ancient…

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Soak Up the Sun: 10 Great Spots for Dining Al Fresco in Seattle

If there’s one thing we Seattleites know how to do well, it’s take advantage of warm weather. After enduring the relentless gray of the city’s winter…

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