Soak Up the Sun: 13 Outdoor Dining Spots in Seattle

If there’s one thing we Seattleites know how to do well, it’s take advantage of warm weather. After enduring the relentless gray of the city’s winter…

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Seattle festivals

38 Things to Do in Seattle This Spring

Hey there, chirping birdies! Oh hello, fragrant flowers! Vitamin D? Yes, please! Spring is making a very welcome return to the PNW, and with it comes…

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10 Things to Do in Seattle This March (2024)

The days and are getting longer, the sun is coming out from behind the clouds a little more frequently and spring in the PNW is just around the…

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The Ultimate Guide to Seattle Wildlife and Gray Whale Watching (2024)

"Off the port side, at 10 o'clock, we have two gray whales!" The naturalist shouts exuberantly. With breathless anticipation, we scan the water…

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The Seattle Space Needle decked out in Christmas decor.

25 Things to Do in Seattle This Winter (2024)

Yeah, yeah we know winter doesn’t have the best reputation. Between having to dig out every sweater and scarf that you own and the sun setting…

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50 Things to Do in Seattle This Fall

That telltale coniferous whiff of pine sap mixed with afternoons filled with golden, glancing sunlight. The bounty of the harvest delivered through…

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5 can't-miss Seattle events

10 Things to Do in Seattle This August (2023)

With views of sparkling waters, blue skies and lush scenery in almost every direction, Seattle is looking its best. It is time to come out of your…

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