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Clipper Vacations is well known as your travel experts for the Pacific Northwest and Western Canada. Since 1986, we have provided transportation, tours and accommodation packages for more than 8 million customers. At our core, we take pride connecting customers with unique and thoughtful travel experiences.

With Clipper Vacations, you can taste farm-to-table food or sip award-winning wine on a local food or wine tour in the cosmopolitan cities of Seattle and Portland. You can check out iconic architecture on a city tour of Victoria or soak in jaw-dropping mountain vistas as you glide down the snowy slopes of Vancouver along with so much more.

By boat, seaplane, charter motor coach, train, car or helicopter, our award-winning local staff of Pacific Northwest travel experts will customize your experience from beginning to end. We take pride in vetting each mode of transportation, hotel and activity personally, so we can provide you with inside knowledge and recommendations to create memorable trips and exciting experiences. Concierge service is our mainstay and the reason why we are regarded as the finest, most well-informed travel service in our region.

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Creating Amazing Memories for Our Guests Since 1986

Thirty-four years ago, Washington entrepreneur Merideth Tall saw the potential for a catamaran service to operate year-round between Seattle and Victoria, BC. Ms. Tall formed a partnership, incorporated the company Clipper Vacations and contracted with the firm Fjellstrand AS of Omastrand, Norway to construct the Victoria Clipper.

This state-of-the-art vessel started service on July 1, 1986, (with the Clipper IV joining the fleet in 1993) transporting passengers between Pier 69 in downtown Seattle to the heart of downtown Victoria in a little less than three hours. The San Juan Clipper, with its three observation decks, joined the fleet in 1991, making summer whale watching trips to the San Juan Islands. The Victoria Clipper V, a newer, larger and more spacious vessel than the I and IV, became the sole operating vessel on the Seattle-Victoria run in 2018, allowing Clipper to transport more passengers at one time.

These sleek, striking, high-speed catamarans have become our signature, providing fast, convenient, reliable travel. In 2016, Clipper was acquired by worldwide ferry operator, FRS, allowing our growth to continue in the years to come.