Travel Information

Proof of Citizenship

Because the Victoria Clipper travels internationally between Seattle, Washington, and Victoria, British Columbia, travelers are required to pass through Customs & Immigration upon entry into Canada and also when entering to the US. A US Passport, Passport Card, Enhanced Driver License or an Enhanced ID Card (EDL/ID) is REQUIRED to cross the US/Canadian border by land and sea. A Passport is required for air travel. A Passport Card or EDL/ID are NOT valid for air travel. For more information visit our Crossing the US/Canadian Border information web page.

Arrival & Boarding

We recommend arriving one hour prior to departure and all passengers must be on board 15 minutes before departure. Once you arrive at Pier 69, just follow the signs to our customer counter. Here our agents can check your luggage, get your boarding pass if you have not previously checked in online, answer your questions and send you on your way to the departure lounge. Boarding passes can be issued up to 7 days before departure either online or at the Seattle and Victoria terminals, for more information visit the Check-In/Boarding Procedures page.

Boarding in Seattle is done by group and your group number will be listed on your boarding pass. When your group is called, you’ll walk out to the dock and board the Victoria Clipper. Seating is not assigned, so you’ll be free to choose a seat on either the upper or lower deck, a seat at the window or one in the aisle, and a seat with a table or one without.

En Route Activities

Food, beverages and duty free may be purchased onboard, as well as a variety of sightseeing tours and other onshore activities. Traveling aboard the Victoria Clipper is a fast way to get to your destination. While onboard, entertain yourself, your family and friends with a board game, some shopping or conversation. With tables situated throughout the ship, you’ll be able to catch up on some work or play a round of cards. The vessels also have outside decks where you can get some fresh air and admire the passing scenery.

Crossing the Border

When traveling between Canada and the United States, it will be necessary to pass through Customs at the border. The professionals who work at Customs are highly trained and this process is generally very simple. They’ll ask to see your ID, ask about your citizenship and ask you to produce proof of citizenship. Millions of people cross the border every year with ease, but some are refused due to lack of sufficient documentation. If you want to have a successful border crossing, it is important to know everything you’ll need before you get there. For more information visit our Crossing the US/Canadian Border information web page.

Children And Infants Require More Proof

Parents traveling with children and infants are required to provide identification and proof of citizenship for each child. If both parents are not present, the traveling parent must provide a signed statement from the other parent allowing the child to travel out of the country. Failure to provide such evidence may make you unable to cross the border with your children.

If You’ve Ever Had A Felony

Persons with a felony may be denied entrance into Canada. If you have been convicted of a crime in the United States it may be considered a felony in Canada. A Driving While Intoxicated conviction (D.W.I.) is considered a felony in Canada.

Do You Need More Information?

For further information on crossing the US/Canadian Border, please visit the US Customs and Immigration website where you’ll find information on crossing the border and duties you may have to pay on goods you bring back to the US. You can also check out the Canada Border Services Agency website for more Canadian border-crossing information.

What Should I Pack?

The Pacific Northwest and Western Canada are known for their beautiful natural panoramas, but with all those majestic mountains, lakes, streams and shores comes different weather patterns. Read more about the weather in our region so you’ll be prepared for any conditions your may encounter. Be prepared – bring your sunglasses AND a raincoat.

Luggage storage

During the summer (when the kiosk is open) there is a luggage storage area at the Victoria Clipper Seattle terminal where Victoria Clipper customers can store their luggage (for $1.00 per bag, 8:00am to 6:00pm) while they see the sights in Seattle. There is no temporary luggage storage for carry-ons at the Victoria, BC terminal but checked luggage may be dropped off anytime during day of travel.

For travelers staying overnight in Victoria or Seattle, you may check your luggage onboard the Victoria Clipper for the duration of the ferry ride, for no additional cost. Luggage can be checked at the Seattle terminal for the morning or afternoon ferry runs, starting at 6:30am. For travelers from Victoria to Seattle, luggage can be checked at the Victoria terminal starting at 8:30am or 9:30am, depending on the season.

Can I Use My Credit Card Onboard The Victoria Clipper?

Onboard the Victoria Clipper purchases may be made with a Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover Card or Chinese Union Pay. We do not accept cash, checks or debit cards requiring a PIN number on board the Victoria Clipper.

Perks For Being A Frequent Traveler

Clipper Vacations offers the Clipper Commodore program which includes benefits for frequent travelers aboard the Victoria Clipper! Learn more about the
Clipper Commodore Club.