Alki Bakery Donut  $3.00

Assorted Fresh Pastries  $3.50

Alki Bakery Cinnamon Roll  $3.50 (popular)
Alki’s signature pastry that is rich with cinnamon and sugar and dipped in a lemon cream icing.

Washington Deluxe Fruit & Cheese Platter  $11.00 (popular)
Apples and grapes accompanied by an assortment of Beecher’s and Tillamook local cheeses and crackers. Vegetarian.

Assorted Sandwiches and Wraps $9.50
See Galley or Onboard attendant for today’s selection.

Vegan Asian Noodle Salad $9.50


Tim’s Cascade Potato Chips $2

Tortilla Chips $2 | Queso $2 | Salsa $2

Seattle Chocolate Truffle Bars $4
Award-winning Seattle chocolatier, assorted flavors.

Large Cookies $3.00
See Galley or Onboard attendant for today’s selection.


Caffé Vita Coffee $2.25
Local Luna blend.

Rishi Organic Tea $2
Ask server for the current selection.

Hot Cocoa $3.25

Gosling’s Ginger Beer $3.25

Soft Drinks $2.75

Bottled Water $2.75

Assorted Juice $2.50

Milk $1.50

Premium Beer $7.50
Ask server for current offerings. We feature a rotating selection of local microbrews.

*FEATURED LOCAL BEER – Two-Beers Brewing Co: Southern Resident Killer Whale, Chinook Hop IPA

Rainier Beer $5
Seattle’s Classic Lager.

Schilling’s Hard Cider $7
Made locally in Fremont. Gluten-free.

Washington Hills Cabernet or Chardonnay $8.50 Gl | $25.50 Btl
Nationally-acclaimed Washington winery.

Fazzio Prosecco Gl | Btl 

Mimosa $9

Mixed Drinks
(Bloody Mary, Gin & Tonic, Vodka Soda, Rum & Coke, etc.)

With our selection of Premium spirits below.

Single Shot / Cocktail $9.50
Copperworks Vodka, Whiskey & Gin. Local.

Gift Shop

San Juan Clipper Scarf  $30

San Juan Clipper Hoodie  $45

San Juan Clipper T-Shirt  $30

Beanies (Maroon or Black)  $24

Trucker Hat  $24

Assorted Collectable Stickers – Choose 1 for $3 or 3 for $8

Marine Stuffed Animals  $9-$15

FRS Clipper Playing Cards  $5

FRS Clipper Tumbler  $25

San Juan Clipper Christmas Ornament  $18.50