Seattle, WA – August 10, 2015 – After nearly 30 years of service, Janis Smith, Clipper’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing, has announced she will be leaving the company at the end of October to pursue other interests. Ms. Smith was hired in February of 1986 and was the company’s first employee. The now popular Victoria Clipper service started July 1 of that year and has been operating on a daily basis ever since.

With regard to Janis’ hire, Merideth Tall, CEO and Chair of Clipper Navigation, offered the following: “In late January of 1986, the Seattle PI wrote an article about our proposed Victoria Clipper catamaran service from Seattle to Victoria. It included an artist’s rendering of the yet-to-be-built Victoria Clipper vessel. That week, I received a letter from Janis Smith, who had been working for Tillicum Village, loved the idea of the Victoria Clipper, and wanted to come on board to do Sales & Marketing. I met with Janis, and her enthusiasm and passion for Clipper was so contagious that we hired her on the spot as Clipper Navigation employee number one. Janis’ unflagging passion and enthusiasm for the company is a hallmark of her 29 years leading the Clipper Sales & Marketing team.”

“It has been exciting to have been a key participant in the growth of Clipper from the very beginning, to the well respected and growing company it is today. I feel privileged to have been a part of the Clipper’s success and to have met and worked with so many outstanding people on both sides of the border. I will miss the pace and the people but look forward to my next venture,” said Janis Smith.

Ms. Smith will continue to be fully involved with the company to assist in the search for a new Senior Executive and ensure a smooth leadership transition process.

About Clipper Navigation

Clipper Navigation, Inc. dba Clipper Vacations – is well known as the travel experts for the Pacific Northwest and Western Canada. Since 1986, Clipper has provided transportation, tours and accommodation packages for over 8 million customers. Clipper Vacations offers opportunities to experience picturesque and popular destinations such as: cosmopolitan Seattle or Vancouver, quaint Victoria, the peaceful San Juan Islands, the hub of Portland, the beauty of the Canadian Rockies and Vancouver Island.

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Merideth Tall, CEO and Chair
Clipper Navigation, Inc.