From jagged mountains to pristine coastline, boundless plains to thundering waterfalls, the Pacific Northwest has just about every type of scenic terrain imaginable. Though there’s really no wrong time to visit this multifaceted region, it’s safe to say that some exploration is better saved for the sun-soaked (and less soggy) months of summer.

However, the mere feeling of summertime wanderlust can only take you so far. Instagram provides the missing piece, offering up an amazing array of talented photographers with accounts full of ‘grams that immediately entice you to book that much-needed vacation. To help you plan, we’ve handpicked 10 PNW-based Instagram accounts that are sure to inspire an epic summer adventure checklist that will earn you serious social media bragging rights.

Credit: @nathanielcutshall

1. Nathanielcutshall

If you’re looking for quintessential PNW beauty (we’re talkin’ ultra-lush evergreen forests and alpine lakes that are almost impossibly blue), then nathanielcutshall should be the next addition to your Insta feed.

His photos and captions convey a deep love of exploration that’s utterly contagious, plus he takes the time to geotag just about every entry, which will help in building out your own must-visit list!

Cutshall says, “As a travel photographer, I get to fully immerse myself in my surroundings and capture moments that mean so much more to me than just what the photo shows.”

2. Taylormichaelburk

Crisp, striking photos that pay reverence to the beauty of the outdoors are sure to get you itching to #exploremore. Peruse taylormichaelburk’s account at your own risk, however, as you may just be so overcome with wanderlust that you’ll end up blowing all your vacation days before the leaves begin to change!

Though he calls Vancouver home, Burk’s travels have taken him as far as Argentina, Vietnam and Costa Rica, adding a dose of Carmen-San-Diego-style excitement when his photos pop into your feed.

Credit: @taylormichaelburk
Credit: @missroselouise

3. Missroselouise

One part outdoor enthusiast, one part musician, Rose Freeman (aka missroselouise) uses her Instagram account to marry these two passions with striking results. Often joined by her friend and collaborator, violinist @anastasia.allison, Freeman hauls her entire keyboard setup high into the mountains of Washington to serenade the sunrise.

If the image of Freeman trekking up a peak with a full-size keyboard strapped to her back doesn’t inspire you to step outside your comfort zone and try something new this summer, we don’t know what will!

Freeman states, “As an outdoor enthusiast, I frequently search hashtags on Instagram to check up-to-date trail conditions before heading out on a run, multi-night backpacking trip or Musical Mountaineering adventure!”

4. Jrc4

Based in Seattle by way of Hawaii, Justin Carney’s Insta feed brims with brilliantly jewel-toned panoramas as well as striking black and white photos. With a perceptive eye for geometric patterns in everyday life, Carney catches details that might otherwise go unnoticed, from an ornate spiral staircase to a chain link fence perfectly framing the Seattle skyline.

After scrolling through his feed, don’t be surprised if you find yourself slowing down to take a second look at ordinary sights.

Credit: @jrc4
Credit: @graeme_o

5. Graeme_o

Between fly-fishing and canoeing, hiking and horseback riding, it’s amazing that Tofino’s graeme_o has time to upload his photos to Instagram! Owsianski’s bevy of activity-driven shots will have you saving up money to invest in a canoe of your own or head off on a new adventure.

One thing’s for certain, you won’t be inclined to waste a single sunny day sitting on your couch after perusing this account.

Owsianski adds, “Near or far, I love taking a break from the day-to-day and heading off to check out a new spot. Just go for it and don’t over think it, the adventure starts as soon as you decide to go.”

6. Calsnape

Looking for a new adventure? You’ll find ceaseless inspiration to get out and blaze new trails on calsnape’s feed.

Whether it’s trekking among the evergreens or kayaking across crystal-clear lakes, Snape has a solid grasp on what makes the PNW such an enchanting photographic subject.

Credit: @calsnape
Credit: @tzvieldelvalle

7. @tzvieldelvalle

As a self-proclaimed “water enthusiast,” tzvieldelvalle serves up a flood of dreamy, shimmering portraits of the Vancouver Island coastline.

Perhaps the most compelling photos in this Victoria-based photographer’s feed are the ones featuring his posse of fellow explorers. You can’t help but be inspired to hop into your group chat and get some plans brewing with your crew.

Del Valle says, “Photography and social media help me further broaden my understanding of landscape processes and culture, as well as share my thoughts and opinions with others.”

8. Jakeegbert

With a keen eye for color and a firm grasp of capturing light, jakeegbert’s photography will encourage you to catch every summer sunset possible.

Based in the Portland area, Egbert’s account strikes an ideal balance between remote nature photography and cityscapes, so no matter what type of summer getaway you’re craving – metropolitan or mountainous – you’re bound to find inspiration among his photos.

Egbert states, “Travel is a great escape from the everyday grind and one of the essential ways I recharge my creative batteries. Before I go on an adventure I almost always research it on Instagram, sometimes for weeks or months in advance.”

Credit: @jakeegbert
Credit: @alexspaeth

9. Alexspaeth

Though his checklist of National Parks is seriously impressive – from lakeside camping in Glacier to backcountry exploration of the Grand Tetons among other bucket-list-level activities – his mastery of mountain shots might just be his greatest strength.

A quick scroll through alexspaeth’s Insta will have you packing up your camping gear and heading for the hills on a sun-soaked summer camp out of your own.

Spaeth adds, “From coastal rainforests to glaciated volcanic peaks, living in the Pacific Northwest means we’re surrounded by any sort of landscape one could possibly want to explore. Plus the large, positive outdoor community on the trails with their friends and family (and dogs) always brings me joy.”

10. Suzipratt

Dazzling nature shots? Yes. Exhilarating concert photography? You bet. Mouth-watering food photos? Oh, most definitely.

As a photographer for heavy-hitters like Eater and Getty Images, suzipratt is adept at capturing the variety of offerings that make Seattle so remarkable. Follow Pratt for recommendations on what to eat, where to take your next road trip and how to spend a summer day feeling like an Emerald City insider.

Pratt states, “Photography is a way for me to record my travel memories. There’s no better feeling than browsing photos and videos after a trip and getting to relive those moments over and over again.”

Credit: @suzipratt

The Pacific Northwest is brimming with inspiring, creative photographers whose Instagram accounts will no doubt be the catalyst you need to get some summer exploration underway ASAP. With a quick flick through your feed, you’ll have a calendar full of travel plans in no time!




Featured image: Aaron Burden