You’ve checked the Future of Flight Aviation Center off your bucket list and stuffed yourself with an array of tasty goodies at Pike Place Market. After a busy day of exploring, sometimes you just need a place to sit and watch the sun go down.

Whether you’re a Seattle native or a weekend visitor, take advantage of the city’s spectacular sunset viewing spots, which range from coastal parks to elevated man-made structures. There’s nothing quite like a sunset on the West Coast, and Seattle offers plenty of great places where you can see the sky turn from bright blue hues into cool violets and soft pinks as the sun dips below the horizon.

Scenic Places to Catch a Spectacular Seattle Sunset

By Alison Roach

The East may be the land of the rising sun, but the West Coast is where the sun says its lingering goodbye.

  • Golden Gardens Park

    By Alison Roach

    Found in Ballard on Puget Sound, Golden Gardens Park features a landscape made up of wetlands, trails and rugged coastline. The park's westward-facing beach, looking out toward Bainbridge Island and beyond to Olympic National Park, makes the sunset view a pleasing mix of water, mountains and horizon.

  • Alki Beach Park

    By Alison Roach

    Located in West Seattle, Alki Beach Park is a long strip of beach, running from Alki Point to Duwamish Head on Elliott Bay. Its length and wide path make it a favorite for joggers, dog-walkers and cyclists, as well as beachcombers and vista seekers. However, you'll forget the other people while you view the Sound as well as the outline of the city skyline against the waning light.

  • Volunteer Park

    By Alison Roach

    If you want to stay close to the heart of the city, then Volunteer Park is the place for you. Located in the center of Seattle, the park is home to a conservatory, Asian art museum as well as a reservoir that turns into a bright mirror at dusk. Keep an eye out for glimpses of the Space Needle in the far distance.

  • Sunset Hill Park

    By Alison Roach

    When you're looking for a beautiful sunset, a place with "sunset" in the name is a pretty safe bet. Sunset Hill Park looks over Shilshole Bay and its marina, which is often brimming with megayachts and and stunning sailboats. Settle back and enjoy views of the Olympic Mountains as the sun outlines them in brilliant oranges and yellows.

  • Space Needle

    By Alison Roach

    Rising 605 feet above ground, the city's famous Space Needle is an obvious but nonetheless worthy choice for sunset watching. Venture to the observation deck for 360-degree views of the entire Seattle area, including the Smith Tower, the Columbia Tower, the Olympic and Cascade Mountains, Elliot Bay, Bainbridge and Whidbey Island. You'll feel a bit like Simba from _The Lion King_, as you survey everything the light touches while the sun slowly fades from sight.

  • The Seattle Great Wheel

    By Alison Roach

    Looking to get a unique, elevated view of city? The Seattle Great Wheel on the city's waterfront provides the perfect locale. Standing 175 feet tall, it's the largest observation wheel on the West Coast. The Wheel is open until 11 p.m. every day, so you're sure to catch the last rays upon the water. Once the natural light has faded, stick around for the wheel's incredible LED light show. 

While beautiful, sunsets are poetically — and sadly — fleeting occasions. Make sure you don’t miss out while visiting Seattle. Grab a cozy picnic blanket, a bottle of wine and take half an hour to sit down and watch the sun say “adios” for the day.

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