With seasonal displays and bright, shiny gizmos and gadgets gracing store windows, the holidays are the most wonderful time of the year to shop. However, having to push your way through rowdy crowds or stand in line for hours on end can also make for a less than desirable experience. Avoid the Black Friday chaos and enjoy holiday shopping on the quaint streets of Victoria. To help plan your trip, our savvy shoppers have scoured the city from Johnston Street to Chinatown. Check out our recommendation on these three “must see” holiday shopping stops in Victoria to find the perfect gift for that special someone on your list.

1. Silk Road Tea

Located in Victoria’s historic Chinatown, Silk Road Tea’s clean esthetic provides a portal into the vast world of tea. The store is teeming with unique, locally made teas in every variety imaginable, from black, to green, to flowering teas that are sure to please novices as well as experienced tea lovers. Stop by the tea tasting bar and sip your way through a few varieties, experiencing the different flavor profiles before selecting the perfect blend. Along with exquisite teas, the shop features an award-winning spa where you can rejuvenate with luxurious treatments.

2. Regional Assembly of Text

Pay a visit to this eclectic stationary store and return to a slower and simpler time, when people connected through handwritten letters rather than relying on email and texting. Inside the stylishly low-tech Regional Assembly of Text you will find metal filing cabinets brimming with handmade cards, books, journals, hand-printed wrapping paper and lettered goods that are perfect for analog junkies and bibliophiles. Be sure to stop by the store’s button station to create your own custom-made gift or rent one of their vintage typewriters and craft a letter of your own.

3. Rogers’ Chocolates

As soon as you cross the threshold of the iconic Rogers’ Chocolates store, you are greeted by the tantalizingly sweet smell of freshly made truffles, caramels and other delectable goodies. Bite into a piece of chocolate history and sample the chocolatier’s first and most famous creation, the Victoria Cream. Exquisitely wrapped, the chocolates are the size of a small candy bar, featuring a thick, rich chocolate shell with a decadent, creamy center and are sure to satisfy any sweet tooth.

With the variety of boutiques that comprise the Victoria shopping scene, you will find stops that cater to a wide range of tastes and interests. Whether you are looking for an assortment of chocolates to tickle your taste buds or a fresh journal for the new year, these friendly, local shops feature a slew of one of a kind items that will make unforgettable gifts.