Summer Weekend Escape: Exploring San Juan Island by Kayak

"Okay. Before we head out, we're going to do a quick affirmation as a group, so we trust each other." Our intrepid San Juan Outfitters kayaking…

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The Wonders of Whale Watching: Rachel’s Story

The sun’s warm rays, clear blue skies, snow-capped mountains everywhere you look and glistening cerulean waters - the ingredients for a perfect day…

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San Juan Island

25 Things to Do on San Juan Island this Summer

Ask any Seattleite what their idea of a perfect Northwest island getaway is and nine times out of ten, San Juan Island immediately comes to mind. In…

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An Orca Whale Watching Adventure to Remember

Sun's out, fins out! Just like you, our local orcas can't wait to get out in that Seattle sunshine. Just a few minutes on the water with them and…

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10 Incredible PNW Orca Whale Watching Moments

The sun glimmers off a towering dorsal fin, slicing through the waters like an onyx knife. In a mere instant, the mighty creature bursts through the…

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5 iconic Seattle events to kick off your summer

Seattle to the San Juans: The Perfect Summer Water Trip

It’s 8:15 a.m. on a clear summer morning. Captain Jason Mihok, Clipper’s trusty captain of more than 20 years, pokes his head out of the wheelhouse…

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How to Spend a Day with the Real Locals: 7 Tips from Whale Watching Pros

It’s only a month into spring but after a record-setting cold and wet winter, we can’t blame you if you’re eager to go explore the outdoors. Since…

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Clipper Whale Watching FAQ

What to Know Before You Go: Clipper Whale Watching FAQ

The boat falls silent. Our onboard naturalist has just announced that we’ve entered orca territory. Eyes are peeled all around, with no one speaking…

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