Local. Craft. Community.

Three words that surfaced during a recent discussion with Patrick Tier, owner of Citizen, one of my favorite boutiques located on Johnson Street in the heart of Victoria, BC’s shopping mecca. While its easy for most visitors to Victoria, BC to get caught up spending time next to the city’s Inner Harbour, there is a burgeoning boutique shopping scene just a few blocks away that is worth checking out.

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For most fashion-forward men in Seattle, there is clear recognition that the Emerald City suffers from a lack of extensive boutique shopping options. Fans of Blackbird, Khulman and the like often have to stretch beyond our city limits to find the right fashion fits. The good news? Victoria not only fills the void but dare I say…is delivering on a level at par or beyond what Seattle offers.

Victoria Johnson Street

The beauty of Victoria is that the town is incredibly walkable. A 20 minute stroll from the Clipper terminal will land you on retail-centric Johnson Street, ready to seek out some fine threads. I recommend starting your exploration at the aforementioned Citizen Clothing. Established in 2010, the store describes itself as having “an unexpected twist on today’s modern classics.” I’ll simplify that description even further by saying that this store…rocks. From the seasonal handpicked clothing selections to the craft scents and fragrances, be sure to let the owner guide you on your custom picks. Patrick won’t steer you wrong.



Citizen Clothing Logo

Citizen Clothing Shirts

A three minute walk up the block will land you at another excellent boutique called Four Horsemen Shop. From denim to shirts, accessories to luggage, expect a similar custom shopping experience with guided expertise from shop manager and buyer Ryan Grifone. When asked to describe what Four Horsemen is all about, Grifone sums it up with the following:

“High quality, casual, progressive clothing, presented in a welcoming environment.”

Four Horsemen

Four Horsemen Boutique



Four Horsemen Shirts

A simple hop across the street from Citizen is the popular Still Life for Him. Opened in 1984, the Johnson Street staple offers a wide variety of vintage and modern fashion. The shop has now expanded into Vancouver and also offers an equally great boutique experience for women at Still Life for Her.

Still Life



Denim Still Life

Beyond the superb shopping experience created by all three of these shops, one gets the sense that there is a unique movement taking place in Victoria. A movement intended to engage visitors with deeper, enriched experiences that surface Victoria’s local craftsmanship in a truly authentic manner. And while boutique shopping may be the start, it is for certain that there is a much larger craft community being built here, spearheaded by some of the top fashion minds in the Northwest.


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