Clipper takes pride in its deep, iconic roots as a fast ferry operator in the Salish Sea, connecting customers with travel experiences to destinations across the Pacific Northwest. Our annual stewardship report is an update on Clipper’s commitment to protecting ocean environment and sealife health, operating sustainably and contributing to a wide array of community nonprofit and environmental improvement projects.


Focused Impact Across the Pacific Northwest

In 2019, Clipper donated more than $50,000 in support of 130 nonprofits, organizations and associations with in-kind donations for travel on our ferries.

In 2017, Clipper proudly donated $150,000 as a founding partner of regional nonprofit SR3, whose mission focuses on advancing the health and welfare of marine life in the Pacific Northwest.

Learn more about SR3’s work on sealife Response, Rehabilitation and Research.

Clipper Joins Green Marine Certification Program

In 2019, Clipper officially joined Green Marine, the premier environmental certification program for North America’s maritime industry. Clipper’s commitment to the comprehensive program focuses on continual improvement focuses on 12 key indicators addressing key environmental issues in regards to air, land and sea pollution.

Invasive Species
dry bulk
hanging & storage
Pollutant air emissions NOX
environmental leadership
garbage and
waste management
Gas Emissions
Oily Water
Pollutant air emissions sox
prevention of spills and leakage

Extending Helping Hands Across Both Borders

In 2019, Clipper employees volunteered hundreds of hours to support the missions and efforts of more than 30 local nonprofits in Seattle, WA and Victoria, BC. Clipper employees also regularly schedule volunteer beach cleanup days with a dedicated focus towards keeping the Salish Sea clean and healthy.

CEO’s Annual Stewardship Report

David Gudgel, Clipper CEO
David Gudgel, Clipper CEO

All Eyes on Focused Impact in 2020

I’m proud to say that 2019 was a significant step forward for Clipper as we formalized our company’s first corporate social responsibility program. In analyzing Clipper’s successful 33 year history, we recognized that our company has done a lot to give back to society and minimize our environmental impact, but that there is much more for us to tackle. From significant financial donations supporting various nonprofits and organizations to a reduced footprint through fewer sailing as well as onboard waste reduction initiatives, I’m proud of Clipper’s continued focus on environmental improvement and giving back.

In 2020, our CSR program focuses extensively on the Environment pillar of our program and is anchored around two key strategic initiatives. The first in our formal participation in the Green Marine certification program, which benchmarks our performance and provides an actionable improvement plan towards reducing our environmental footprint. The second is our commitment to reducing our plastics consumption onboard our vessel by 85% of our prior year usage. This effort requires a significant shift in our food service program, overall waste management operations as well as education to our customers. We are extremely excited to launch this effort.

I look forward to an exciting year ahead as my company and team of devoted employees work to tackle new and exciting projects in enhancing our CSR program for years to come.

David Gudgel, Clipper CEO

Program Highlights

  • Clipper launches first official Corporate Social Responsibility Program focused on key impact pillars of Society, Environment and Community
  • Clipper officially joins the Green Marine certification program, focused on improving environmental footprint through a process of continual improvement
  • Clipper forms action plan to improve overall waste management by targeting 85% plastics reduction in 2020.
  • Clipper’s Corporate Social Responsibility program supports the larger worldwide CSR efforts of its parent company, FRS.


FRS Cares

As one of the leading specialists in the field of ferry shipping, FRS has long been committed to the company’s responsibility to proactively deal with current and future environmental and social challenges. Today, all CSR activities of the company are managed in the group-wide program “FRS Cares”. The program’s objective is to align business practices which are geared towards long-term and sustainable strategies and aim to reduce FRS’ environmental footprint. “FRS Cares” is embedded into FRS’ corporate strategy, work processes and corporate culture.