Stand Up Paddling Harbour Tour

Learn the basics of stand up paddle-boarding in Victoria’s Inner Harbour. The 3-hour introductory course teaches you the Hawaiian cultural history of stand up paddle-boarding, differences between board and equipment styles, and how to maneuver your paddle-board using different strokes.

About This Activity


June 1-September 15, 2017
Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday 10:00 AM


3 hours

What's Included

  • Guided paddle-boarding lesson
  • Top quality paddle-boards
  • Paddles
  • Personal flotation devices
  • Whistles
  • Wetsuits
  • All applicable taxes

More to Know

Stand up paddle-boarding (SUP) is an emerging global sport with a Hawaiian heritage. This activity is a strong core workout, and is gaining popularity with novices as well as athletes. This introductory course will teach you about the subtle difference and styles of boards, paddles, and equipment. By the end of the 3-hour session, you will be able to paddle your board in a straight line, stop, be able to do several different strokes to maneuver yourself sideways and around obstacles, and be able to do a self-rescue.


1630 Shore Street, Victoria


Arrive 15 minutes before the tour begins.
Not recommended for children under 10. Ages 10-15 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. Guests 16-18 will need a parent/guardian present to sign a waiver but do not have to be accompanied on tour.
No experience needed.


Pricing in USD and may vary based on actual travel dates

Subject to change