Scenic Flights Between Vancouver & Nanaimo

Travel between Vancouver and Nanaimo is quick and easy when you fly on one of Harbour Air’s seaplanes, which will transport you from harbor to harbor in just 20 minutes! Soak in breathtaking views along the way as you soar above the lush green valleys and bustling cityscapes of British Columbia. Harbour Air is a carbon neutral company, so not only are they one of the fastest ways to travel between the two cities, but it is also one of the greenest. Upon arriving in Nanaimo, Budget Rent-A-Car services are available for you to easily pick up a vehicle and have plenty of time to explore.

About This Activity


May 2 - September 18, 2016
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All flights are 20 minutes harbor to harbor

What's Included

  • 1 seat aboard Harbour Air seaplane
  • One way harbor to harbor transportation between Vancouver and Nanaimo
  • Complimentary local and national newspapers, gourmet coffee, tea, fruit and pastries
  • Free wi-fi in terminal
  • All applicable taxes

More to Know

Add this flight to a package & visit BC by plane & boat

Do the northwest by by catamaran and seaplane visiting Victoria, Nanaimo, Vancouver and Seattle. The speed of Harbour Air from Vancouver to Nanaimo makes it possible to see all four cities and actually have time to explore them! Pay parking and Budget Rent-A-Car services are available for guests arriving or departing from the Nanaimo Terminal.


Vancouver Terminal: 1075 West Waterfront Road, Vancouver, BC

Nanaimo Terminal: The terminal is located in the Pioneer Waterfront Plaza across from the Lighthouse Bistro


Vancouver to Nanaimo and Nanaimo to Vancouver itineraries available

Check in is required 25 minutes prior to departure

Luggage limit is 25 lbs per passenger


Pricing in USD and may vary based on actual travel dates

Subject to change