Affiliate Program

The Easiest Commission You’ve Ever Earned!

How does the Clipper Vacations Affiliate Program Work?

3 Simple Steps to Earn Money:

  1. Your client visits your website and learns about Clipper Vacations Products
  2. Your client clicks the Clipper Vacations Button taking them directly to the Clipper Vacations website and books a trip
  3. Clipper Vacations sends commissions to your agency and your agency cashes the check!

How to Sign Up:

First – sign up using our online Program Affiliate Form. Then we’ll review your website and when approved we’ll send you a Clipper Vacations button, a link with your affiliate code, and optional marketing copy. Place it appropriately on your website and if a client clicks the button and books a trip with us, you’ll receive a 10% commission check within 30 days of their travel date.

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